Company Profile

Advance Fasteners, Inc. is a duly registered 100% Filipino Corporation established to provide best of class support and service to the fabrication, manufacturing and other industries for their requirements in:

  • metal part fastening solutions
  • wet paint, powder coating and electroplating masking requirements

Advance Fasteners, Inc. is currently an authorized representative of:

  • PennEngineering & Manufacturing Corp.
  • Acument Global Technologies
  • Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd
  • Dirak Modular Hardware System

1. PennEngineering & Manufacturing Corp

PennEngineering is a global distribution company that offers single-source product availability and a broad range of logistical and on-site inventory management services and solutions. PEM® sources hard-to-find products worldwide that helps our customer save time and cost.

PennEngineering carries the following top brands worldwide:


offers the most comprehensive selection of opto-electronic and LED display choices to the PCB assembly.

Guden offers the widest assortments of dampers and continuous hinges in all gauge, styles and materials
PEM® designs and manufactures Self-Clinching and Broaching Fasteners, SI â Inserts for plastics, serially connected hex-head screw called StickScrew â and PEMSERTERâ, the fully-automated motion-control press equipment.
POP® offers both blind and non-blind applications as a replacement for weld, adhesives, screws, nuts and bolts.

offers handles and Ferrules.


manufactures quality plastic and metal fasteners, wire management devices, circuit board hardware and custom components.

The other brands PennEngineering carries are Atlas Engineering, Swanstrom, HARTWELL, SPECTRA, AKRO-MILS, LYN-TRON, NYLOK, WESTERN Abrasives, Bumper Specialist, ET Abrasives

2. Acument Global Technologies

When fastening systems – both fasteners and tools – are needed to meet demanding specification or challenges, Acument together with Advance Fasteners, Inc. has the experience to deliver the effective solution. We can develop the fastening system to meet your specific application, environmental and ergonomic needs.

With Acument’s products ranging from regular breakstem fasteners to multi-grip capabilities, hole-fill rivets like, Monobolt, Stavex and Avex, structural fastener – Avdel Lockbolt Systems, Avdel Speed Fasteners, Avdel Threaded Inserts available in different head forms, materials, finishes and sizes as standard item to suit virtually every assembly requirement.

Avdel blind fastening system tools offer consistent and reliable installations of its fasteners, incorporating the latest ergonomic designs and constructed from highly durable, lightweight materials to suit all production and application methods.

3. Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd

Sinclair & Rush started with a small line of caps and plugs and have grown to become the largest manufacturer of flexible closures in the world known as StockCap®.

StockCap® is a single source for vinyl, plastic and rubber components for both general protection and paint masking application. StockCap® is also capable of providing all transportation masking requirements including high temperature masking tapes, double faced permanent or temporary fixing and bonding tapes, foils, vinyl and clean removal products.

4. Dirak Modular Hardware System

A global company dedicated to customer oriented designs and the production of mechanical and electronic hardware, particularly hinges, handles, profiles, locks & latches.

With the line of products and brands that Advance Fasteners’ principals carries, we are now capable of providing all quality products for engineering, industrial, manufacturer and fabricator solutions.

Advance Fasteners, Inc., is committed to be the most reliable distributor of specialized fasteners. We will achieve this by ensuring sufficient supply of fasteners and accessories, provide the best solution and after sales service to our customers.

To be recognized as one of the most reliable partner in providing the best fastening solution and accessories in the Philippine metal industry.